Conference Programme

The core topic for this event is about Mobile SEO and Its Impact to Your Business

In 2017, there are more mobiles than there are people on the planet!

80% of the population own a smartphone and those owners spend on average three hours a day on it.

A person’s smart phone is so important, that nearly half of all owners pick up their mobile immediately upon waking in the morning.

For the last three years, mobile devices have overtaken desktop ones, for accessing the internet.

Marketers are aware of the rise in mobile usage – but sometimes business owners are not.

One group who may not be taking advantage in the rise in mobile internet customers are smaller and local businesses.

And yet these are the group who really should do, because they are missing out on potential customers and their website is suffering as a result.

Because local search on mobile devices is a big deal. Especially if you are in a niche business or yours is the only business in town doing a certain thing, then you want your customers to find you quickly and easily.

People increasingly use their mobile devices to look for local services and businesses and quite often, they may be using these devices whilst they are actually out and about.

If they do not find your enterprise, they may conclude it does not exist and bypass it all together.

Getting to the top of the Google search list, for your local area should be easy. But there are still a few things you need to do to make this happen.

And these start with mobile devices. Put simply, if your site will not load properly on a mobile, then you are immediately losing all those customers.

But there is more to it than just that, it is not only people using a mobile device who will be unable to find you. If you are not being found by Google, then even the customers using a desktop search won’t see your business in the listings. So how do you overcome this?

Well, your website needs not only to work in a mobile, but it has to open quickly, be easy to navigate and pleasant to use.

One way of making your site more favorable to Google is to have a high quality video embedded in it. This is because video is fast becoming the future of the internet and now all search engines like to see it appearing on a website.

So if there are only two things that you do in 2017 for your website, then make your site mobile friendly and get some top quality video content on it!!